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Welcome to Bepe!

Our company is growing fast: we have tripled our sales in recent years due to the flexible, high quality services and the products we offer. Our business philosophy is utter flexibility and to provide all our partners with the best available price/value ratio.

We have been updated on new technologies; following the changes of the economic and legal environment is also a preference of us. We are constantly adapting our products and services to the needs and expectations of our customers, as our main goal is to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world.

Our Company

Our goal is to find an efficient and fast solution for every technological challenge we face.

We believe that every company must be able to design, deliver and maintain systems on a turnkey basis.

Our quality policy

Our quality policy is being updated according to the requirements of a high quality customer care. We are working in accordance with the ISO 9001 standards of quality.

Our main target

Our main target is to elaborate solutions for our partners in order to improve their cost-effectiveness and profitability, providing them with a real competitive advantage.

Compressed air

We also provide extensive services consisting of consultancy, professional supervising and development applications, in accordance with the latest regulations and requirements of the European Union.

We always act competently

BEPE 2004 collaborates with a large number of qualified subcontractors. We are also prepared to supervise, adjust and repair industry machinery, offering complex services according to our partners’ need. Our company fully coordinates machinery installation and collaboration procedures with the eventual subcontractors – exclusively concentrating on our customers’ interest.

All the knowledge and experience we have accumulated throughout the years is serving to meet your expectations. We appreciate our customers’ trust in us, because we know that the key to the success of our company is to be able to cooperate with our partners for an extended time. For this reason, we always act competently and efficiently so that our clients find a reliable partner in us.